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Our Flowers Last Longer!

Did you know we are the only florist in Stillwater to have a walk-in cooler designed specifically for flowers, which allows us to provide our clients with long lasting, high quality blooms?! ???? We only use cold chain flowers - and that is why our flowers last so long. (You’ve spent good money on a luxury item - we feel it should last as long as possible - often 1.5-2 weeks!) Cold Chain Process means that once flowers are cut in the fields, they are refrigerated continually, at optimal low temperatures (around 34 degrees), until they reach you, the consumer. ???? We purchase only Cold Chain Blooms—and we continue Cold Chain practices in our shop with our 200 square foot floral cooler. ?? ?? Cold Chain Processed flowers last, on a yearly average, about 40% longer than non cold chain flowers. Even more impressive, in the Summer months, Cold Chain flowers last around 70% longer! (Winter, they last around 25% longer.) ??????????

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